Consignment allows an owner to sell their equipment through Michael Wegener Implement, while still retaining ownership. Michael Wegener Implement offers multiple consignment options:

Year-around ConsignmentAnyone wanting to sell their equipment may bring it to our sale yard in Cornlea, NE. We identify each item with an inventory number, make note of the asking price and take pictures. The item is then parked in line with other equipment on our yard, and pictures are placed on our website with a description of the item, for additional exposure. Potential buyers drive through the yard, visit our website and call the office daily. The information and price is relayed to the buyer, if a counter offer is made the seller will be contacted to see if they will accept a price lower than what was initially put down.

Live Consignment AuctionTwice a year, on the 4th Thursday of February and August a live consignment auction takes place on the yard in Cornlea, Nebraska. All items that are on the yard are lined up for the thousands of auction goers to bid on. In addition to the bidders on the ground, most of the large items are simulcast on the internet allowing world-wide buyers to bid. All items sell to the highest bidder, unless the owner is at the auction to buy-back their items.

auction_2Online Consignment Auctions On the first Thursday of each month, Cornlea Iron Auctions, the online division of Michael Wegener Implement, holds an online auction. All items sell to the highest bidder, unless a reserve has been set and indicated on the item. Sellers retain the equipment at their location until after the auction has closed and the buyer pays and arranges to pick up their purchase.

Once an item is sold through one of the above options, and the funds are collected the seller will receive a check for the sale price less a commission. If an items is bought-back during the live auction the seller will be charged a buy-back fee due before the item may leave the yard. (For commission rates and buy back fees please contact the office).