The sale might be over…

The sale might be over, but we won’t be taking a break any time. When the bidders have all left, the real work in the office just gets going. Today we start balancing everything, making sure the right consignor gets paid and paid right! The loaders are busy getting trucks in and out of the yard, and new equipment has already started rolling back in. Cornlea, it’s the little town that never sleeps (atleast the North side).

With the August sale over we have a lot of things to be thankful for. We had a beautiful week of rain leading up to the sale, we had a record number of consigned items and bidders. The St. Francis home and school association kept everyone’s belly’s full and their thirst quenched, and like always we had a top notch group of men and women who helped keep the auction running smooth. Thank you, thank you thank you, to everyone who helped make this sale a success!



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